port TensorFlow 1 code to TensorFlow 2 (model learning process without sess.run)

After plenty of manuals I got how to do that was hiding under the hood of sess.run in tf1, but without an optimizer:

  1. Counting loss
  2. Conunting gradients with respect to variables trained
  3. Adjust grow speed of function relative to each trained var to learning rate
  4. Assing new values to k and b
X_batch, y_batch = X_data[indices], y_data[indices]
with tf.GradientTape(persistent=True) as tape:
  loss_val = loss()

dy_dk = tape.gradient(loss_val, k)
dy_db = tape.gradient(loss_val, b)

k.assign_sub(dy_dk * learn_rate)
b.assign_sub(dy_db * learn_rate)
if (i+1) % display_step == 0:
  print('Epoch %d: %.8f, k=%.4f, b=%.4f' %
        (i+1, loss_val, k.numpy(), b.numpy()))

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