the h5 tarray is used in python

Not sure how this is done with other libraries, but the above dataset compound layout may be created as follows with HDFql in Python:

# import HDFql package
import HDFql

# create an HDF5 file named 'SO_64449277np.h5'
HDFql.execute("CREATE FILE SO_64449277np.h5")

# create an HDF5 compound dataset named 'Table3' (in HDF5 file 'SO_64449277np.h5') with the wanted layout
HDFql.execute("CREATE DATASET SO_64449277np.h5 Table3 AS COMPOUND(header AS COMPOUND(id AS SMALLINT, timestamp AS SMALLINT), summary_data AS COMPOUND(latency AS FLOAT, segments_k AS COMPOUND(segment_id AS SMALLINT, segment_quality AS FLOAT, segment_length AS FLOAT)(70)))(2 TO UNLIMITED)")

Check HDFql reference manual for additional information and examples.

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