validating default azurecredential using python sdk?

There are a few ways I might approach this but none are particularly pretty. At the risk of a naive suggestion, if you want a fine-grained understanding of what worked in sequence, you could take an approach similar to what your example sketched out using the components credentials listed here:

for credential in [EnvironmentCredential, ManagedIdentityCredential, ...]:
    credentials = credential()
    # Validate credential functionality...'{}.get_token succeeded'.format(credential))
  except Error1 as e1:
    logging.error('{} failed due to {}'.format(credential, e1))

I suggest this because it does not seem like what you want is exposed in an easily accessible manner, looking at the ChainedCredential source here (history is built up but only used in the log message).

More “self-contained” approaches might involve creating a custom wrapper that basically does what ChainedCredential does for DefaultAzureCredential in running the list of get_token calls, but with more ability to export the success history, you could likely hack that off of the code I linked in 2 and do something directly comparable to the DefaultAzureCredential logic, but at the end of the day it’s all isomorphisms of the sample above.

Don’t hesitate to shout if I’ve misunderstood some aspect of the question or your requirements/constraints; and as always feel free to reach out if you need to get in touch with us on our github (full disclosure, am a maintainer for some of the other Python Azure SDKs)

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