why can’t i use the regional indicator symbol in discordpy?

The bot sees discord emojis as unicode symbols. The bot needs the symbol, not their name. It cannot react to a message if you tell it that the emoji is :smile:. You need to tell it that the emoji is “😄”, or “🇦” in etc for the letters.

You can get these on the pc, by adding a \ in front of the emoji. Have a look at the attached screenshots.

enter image description here

It does however not work for the numbers. The symbols to use is: ‘1️⃣’, ‘2️⃣’ etc.

One idea to get the emojis is to use print and copy emojis out of the terminal. Do a simple command like and look at the output in the terminal for the emojis you give it. what the terminal prints is what you need to use in your code.

async def emojiprint(ctx, *, emojis):

Here is your code with a small change I made. I tested it seems to be working!

    @commands.command(name="warcaby", aliases=["checkers"])
    async def warcabycmd(self, ctx):
        gracz1 = ctx.author
        gracz2 = ctx.message.mentions[0]
        plansza_start = """(board)"""
        embed=discord.Embed(title=f'Grasz z {gracz2}. Ruch gracza {gracz1}!', description=plansza_start, color=ctx.author.color)
        embed.add_field(name='Instrukcje', value='Wybierz pole, a wybrać pionek, a następnie wybierz, w którą stronę idziesz!')
        msg = await ctx.send(content=None, embed=embed)
        emoji_list = ['🇫', '🇬', '🇭', '2️⃣', '3️⃣', '4️⃣', '5️⃣', '6️⃣', '7️⃣', '8️⃣']
        for i in emoji_list:
            await msg.add_reaction(i)

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