Writing to different columns using python csv

Read the entire file and split it on whitespace. That should produce a a list with each row in it. Then write the entire row to the csv.

    for x in all_dir[:-1]:
        os.chdir(dirstart + '\\' + x)
        with open('Config.txt', "r") as working_file:
            data = working_file.read().split()

In your original, splitlines() gave you a list containing each line.

In [63]: working_file.readlines()
Out[63]: ['emily\n', 'randy\n', 'tom\n', 'eric\n', 'lisa']

So your original could be changed like this.

    for x in all_dir[:-1]:
        os.chdir(dirstart + '\\' + x)
        working_file = open('Config.txt', "r")
        commaseperated = working_file.readlines()
        #for i in commaseperated:

Notice that splitlines() retains the newline character at the end of each line. You probably do not want that in your csv file.

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