locate the position of the first number in the string r

Here is a way to return your desired output:

min(which(!is.na(suppressWarnings(as.numeric(str_split(string, " ", simplify = TRUE))))))

This is how it works:

str_split(string, " ", simplify = TRUE) # converts your string to a vector/matrix, splitting at space

as.numeric(...) # tries to convert each element to a number, returning NA when it fails

suppressWarnings(...) # suppresses the warnings generated by as.numeric

!is.na(...) # returns true for the values that are not NA (i.e. the numbers)

which(...) # returns the position for each TRUE values

min(...) # returns the first position

The output:

min(which(!is.na(suppressWarnings(as.numeric(str_split(string1, " ", simplify = TRUE))))))
[1] 9
min(which(!is.na(suppressWarnings(as.numeric(str_split(string2, " ", simplify = TRUE))))))
[1] 1
min(which(!is.na(suppressWarnings(as.numeric(str_split(string3, " ", simplify = TRUE))))))
[1] 5

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