1. npm uninstall node-sass
  2. npm install sass

Or, if using Yarn

  1. yarn remove node-sass
  2. yarn add sass

Edit3: yes, another edit. Moving to sass (dart-sass) is the best solution. Previous one included locking node-sass to version 4.x.x, which is 2 years old and lacks newer SCSS features.

Edit2: sass-loader v10.0.5 fixes it. The problem is you might not be using it as a project dependency, but more as a dependency of your dependencies. CRA uses a fixed version, angular-cli locks to node-sass v4, and so on.

The recommendation for now is: if you’re installing just node-sass, check the below workaround (and the note). If you’re working on a blank project and you can manage your Webpack configuration (not using CRA or a CLI to scaffold your project), install the latest sass-loader.

Edit: this error comes from sass-loader. There is a semantic versioning mismatch since node-sass @latest is v5.0.0 and sass-loader expects ^4.0.0.

There is an open issue on their repository with an associated fix that needs to be reviewed. Until then, refer to the solution below.

Workaround: don’t install node-sass 5.0.0 yet (the major version was just bumped).

Uninstall node-sass

npm uninstall node-sass

Then install the latest version (before 5.0)

npm install [email protected]

Note: LibSass (hence node-sass as well) is deprecated and dart-sass is the recommended implementation. You can use sass instead, which is a Node.js distribution of dart-sass compiled to pure JavaScript.

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