how do i get an attribute value on a click handler?

As explained by @DrewReese in the comments, it is impossible to get the eventKey from the DOM element ( because it is never passed down to the DOM.

We should get it from the props instead. We do need to use eventKey in three places: as the eventKey prop in both the Toggle and the Collapse and in our onClick. But when it becomes abstracted out as a component prop, we only need to declare the specific event key, ie. eventKey="2", once.

import React from "react";
import { Accordion, Card } from "react-bootstrap";

interface RenderCardProps {
  eventKey: string;
  CardClick: (key: string) => void;
  /** add whatever else you need */

const RenderCard = ({ eventKey, CardClick }: RenderCardProps) => {
  return (
        onClick={() => CardClick(eventKey)}
        <span className="rh5">Some text</span>
      <Accordion.Collapse eventKey={eventKey}>
          <span className="rh6">Some text</span>

export default () => <RenderCard CardClick={console.log} eventKey="2" />;

You probably want to make ToggleContents and CardContents into props too in order to use this as an actual component.

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