In terms of Redux, is the view render what triggers the store to set up the initial sate? Or is the store initially set up first anyway?

It would be:

Initial store set up -> Access store state -> View render -> Display UI

Looking into this code:

  <Provider store={store}>
    <App />
  1. (Initial Store Setup): The store is first created via createStore(). Here, the entire application state tree is created.

  2. (Access store state): mapping it as props via mapStateToProps(). React would need to know the state and props required for this component to render correctly.

  3. (View Render): Then React would call the component’s render() or the return of functional components.

  4. (Display UI): Then this output is mounted in the DOM or updated for state changes (cycles back to Step 2).

See React’s lifecycle recap as reference.

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