how do i create a hashset from a borrowed array of a generic type in rust?

To use HashSet your function needs to have the Eq and Hash trait bounds:

use std::hash::Hash;
use std::collections::HashSet;

pub fn sublist<T: Eq + Hash>(first_list: &[T], second_list: &[T]) -> bool {
  let first_set: HashSet<&T> = first_list.iter().collect();
  let second_set: HashSet<&T> = second_list.iter().collect();


If you only know that T is PartialEq, then you can implement it like so:

pub fn sublist<T: PartialEq>(first_list: &[T], second_list: &[T]) -> bool {
    first_list.iter().all(|v| second_list.contains(v))

Other options include T: Ord and use BTreeSet.

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