No property found SpringBoot JPA

Okay so I looked at your problem and here is what I found. The types you assigned to your repository interface method parameters are wrong.

You are looking to obtain a list of HistoriqueDeploiement entities whose Namespace and Service entities have specific IDs. Note that IDs of Namespace and Service entities are Integer types. So in order to solve you can simply rewrite your methods as follows:

public interface HistoriqueDeploiementRepository extends 
JpaRepository<HistoriqueDeploiement, Integer> {        
    List<HistoriqueDeploiement> findAll();

    List<HistoriqueDeploiement> findByNamespaceId(Integer id);

    List<HistoriqueDeploiement> findByNamespaceIdAndServiceId(Integer id_namespace, Integer id_service);

    List<HistoriqueDeploiement> findByNamespaceIdAndLogCreatedAtBetween(Integer id_namespace, Date datedebut, Date datefin);

    List<HistoriqueDeploiement> findByNamespaceIdAndLogCreatedAt(Integer id_namespace, Date date);

Note that major change here is that we replaced Namespace and Service types with Integer type, which is the actual type of their IDs

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