Get appId form Capacitor config file

You can use Device plugin, the getInfo function contains the appId

import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';

const { Device } = Plugins;

const info = await Device.getInfo();

// Example output:
  "diskFree": 12228108288,
  "appVersion": "1.0.2",
  "appBuild": "123",
  "appId": "com.capacitorjs.myapp",
  "appName": "MyApp",
  "operatingSystem": "ios",
  "osVersion": "11.2",
  "platform": "ios",
  "memUsed": 93851648,
  "diskTotal": 499054952448,
  "model": "iPhone",
  "manufacturer": "Apple",
  "uuid": "84AE7AA1-7000-4696-8A74-4FD588A4A5C7",

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