how do i encode http response bytes in utf8 correctly?

JSON decoder in Go can deal with encoded symbols, you need to unmarshal payload in struct or other value:

package main

import (

func main() {
    payload := []byte(`{"error_code":201,"error_name":"\u041f\u043e\u043b ... "}`)
    var p interface{}

    _ = json.Unmarshal(payload, &p)
    fmt.Printf("%#v\n", p) // map[string]interface {}{"error_code":201, "error_name":"Пол ... "}

    var e struct {
        ErrorCode int    `json:"error_code"`
        ErrorName string `json:"error_name"`

    _ = json.Unmarshal(payload, &e)
    fmt.Println(e.ErrorCode, e.ErrorName) // 201 Пол ...

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