how can i block loading remote content on dotnetbrowser?

Finally I found the solution. I dropped out all of my tries what I posted above, and tried another way. The DotNetBrowser has a resource handler and you can set what kind of resources you’d like to allow to load and what not. Here is my code:

var network = wpfBrowserView.Browser.Context.NetworkService;
var resourceHandler = new MyResourceHandler();
resourceHandler.Load += args => {
    ResourceType resource = args.Parameters.ResourceType;

    switch (resource) {
        case ResourceType.PREFETCH:
        case ResourceType.IMAGE:
        case ResourceType.MEDIA:
        case ResourceType.OBJECT:
        case ResourceType.STYLESHEET:
        case ResourceType.FONT_RESOURCE:
        case ResourceType.SUB_RESOURCE:
            return false;
            // allow to load for the others
            return true;

network.ResourceHandler = resourceHandler;

And the custom resource handler:

public class ResourceLoadEventArgs {
    public ResourceParams Parameters { get; set; }

public delegate bool ResourceLoadHandler(ResourceLoadEventArgs args);

public class MyResourceHandler : ResourceHandler {
    public event ResourceLoadHandler Load;

    public bool CanLoadResource(ResourceParams parameters) {
        return Load?.Invoke(new ResourceLoadEventArgs { Parameters = parameters }) ?? true;

So, adding this piece of code before loading the html into the browser view, it causes to pass every test in the email privacy tester. Then you can put a button for the user to load the remote content, and when the user clicks on it, you can allow every resource.

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